The Ransomware Story

Ransomware Rewind actually began as an specialized tool called Zen Siphoner, which identified and analyzed some very advanced malware we found.

One day, after responding to multiple ransomware attacks by victims, we tried to adapt Zen Siphoner against a 2018 version of ransomware called NetWalker, and it worked!

Now, in 2020, we've grown our capabilities quite a bit, and so have attackers. Our success is unparalleled.

Hackers now fear us.

Our CEO gets calls and text messages directly from them.

We're so far ahead of the criminals, we are predicting and preventing their next moves.

Unfortunately, not everyone has our prevention installed before a ransomware attack. so we've developed our new decryptor, UNLOCKED, to safely, securely, and efficiently get businesses back up and running after an attack.

We can produce a decryptor in response to a ransomware upgrade fast - our record is 15 minutes.

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