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The Ransomware Story
Ransomware Rewind began as an specialized tool called Zen Siphoner, which tracked advanced malware encryption behaviors during analysis.
One day, after responding to multiple ransomware attacks, we used Zen Siphoner to analyze a version of ransomware called NetWalker, and it not only identified the ransomware, but extracted the encryption keys!.
Now, in 2020, attackers have grown their ransomware capabilities significantly, but we have always been at least one step ahead of them. -- Our success is unparalleled.
Hackers now fear us.
Our company periodically receives calls and messages directly from criminals, who are disgruntled by our immense success.
By using our cyber operations experience to attack our own products, we’re always ahead of the criminals. In fact, we have consistently been able to predict and prevent their next move
Unfortunately, not everyone has our prevention installed before an attack. While “no downtime” is no longer an option, we’re still here to minimize your downtime and expense (around 5000x faster, without lost data!)
We are able to produce these custom decryptors in response to a ransomware attack, fast! Our record is 15 minutes.
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