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Ransomware Rewind
We are in the business of preventing misery, not profiting from it.
The Ransomware Story
Ransomware Rewind actually began as an specialized tool called Zen Siphoner, which identified and analyzed some very advanced malware we found on client networks. We had to automate the discovery and analysis of the malware's encryption behavior, to protect many machines at once at an affordable pricepoint for our customers.
After responding to multiple ransomware attacks, we tried to adapt Zen Siphoner against some ransomware, and it grabbed the ransomware keys!
Now, in 2021, we've grown our capabilities quite a bit, and so have attackers. We're now able to both decrypt, or (preferred) prevent downtimem altogether. We're even now detecting and stopping advanced attackers from using data-theft malware, like what we saw in the SolarWinds attacks.
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Cyber Crucible is a veteran-owned corporation, started by top cyber operations, exploit discovery, and threat hunting experts. Professionals like us are rare, and expensive. We want to help many more people than possible with manual labor (we all have families!), and many of the people we want to help couldn't afford a team of threat hunting experts anyway.
The solution to goal was simple: Start investing our experience and talent into hyper-automated tools that affordably give people the same types of "impossible" risk-mitigation technologies previously only available to well-funded (often secretive) military or government agencies where we all used to work.
Ransomeware RewindRansomeware Rewind