Ransomware is the biggest new risk to your data
Protect yourself in minutes

Malware needs anti-virus. Ransomware needsRansomware Rewind

There Is No Hiding From Our Ransomware Tailored Analytics
Ransomware beating your anti-virus is of no concern for you now, because even 0-day ransomware is stopped in its tracks by our targeted behavioral analytics.
Ransomware Rewind gives you the speed and flexibility you need to enjoy your life.
Imagine if first notification of an attack, is your phone receiving a message that it was just taken care of!
We ensure files are not corrupted
Our fully automated response occurs so fast, you will never realize we are working hard to prevent corruption.
For circumstances where you want to approve response, we shut the ransomware down without leaving half-encrypted files.

Installing Ransomware Attack Prevention is Fast and Easy

Whether you just need to install it on a couple machines...
...or need to remotely deploy to 10,000 machines at once

Why Does Ransomware Need A Different Response?

Antivirus does not stop most ransomware
Over 3/4ths of ransomware victims have the latest antivirus protection.
Criminals test their ransomware, to make sure they are one step ahead of security tools looking for malware.
hacker testing malware
You have to respond fast. Millisecond Fast.
One infection can encrypt hundreds of files per second, and normally attackers run many infections all at once! Even if antivirus or the security team discover and stop the ransomware, imagine how many
Even if a security tool or administrators discover and stop the ransomware, imagine how many important files are left corrupted.
File Corruption is a HUGE problem
You discover your files are being encrypted, usually on many computers and servers at once.
Either your security tools catch on to what is happening if you are lucky, or your security team starts killing the ransomware. Now every file that was in the middle of being encrypted, likely thousands, is corrupted, and gone forever!

Do you have information specific to my industry?  (Yes, we do!)

When Former Cyber Operations Experts Focus on Preventing Ransomware
Awesome Attack Prevention Happens

A+ Prevention
Our prevention has incredible success against ransomware encryption, even when other defenses are deceived.
Battle Tested

We attack our own software, to make sure we are prepared for new criminal attack.  We have succeeded where other tools have been disabled.

Tailored for Ransomware

Normal anti-malware response results in file corruption and system downtime. Our specialized ransomware response brings uptime and safe files.

Automated Protection

Schedule automatic ransomware response for all the time, or only when you are away.

Defend in Seconds

Seconds matter. Discovery, "the 5 W's" details, & response options are presented immediately.

Respond on the Go

Want an Android App, that lets you receive and respond to threats on the go?

Prevent The Latest Ransomware

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Secure From Start to End

Security is in our blood. We meet or exceed compliance measures such as HIPAA and PCI with our software, starting with 2 factor login.

decryptor screenshot
Decrypt On Your Schedule

Track decryption progress with ease. Need to pause decryption halfway through? No problem! We will safely wind down our fast decryption so that no files become corrupted.


IT Services Company: President
This was one of the easiest installation processes I've had for an advanced security tool. It does not consume many resources, and requires very little configuration.
Real Estate Industry: Chief Operating Officer
I don't claim to understand what they do, or how they do it, but it only takes a few minutes of Dennis' time to realize he knows what he's talking about. The proof is in the pudding.