Ransomware Rewind Downtime Prevention
Ransomware downtime is the biggest risk to your business.
There Is No Hiding From Our Ransomware Tailored Analytics
Ransomware beating your anti-virus is of no concern for you now, because even 0-day ransomware is stopped in its tracks by our targeted behavioral analytics.
100 millisecond response means zero downtime
Imagine if first notification of an attack, is your phone receiving a message that it was just taken care of!
Remove the scourge of corrupted and encrypted files
Other tools corrupt files, or leave them encrypted, when they do catch the attack. Not us! Use full automation to prevent access, or quickly decrypt if you want user approval before stopping the attack.
Made easy
Installing Ransomware Rewind
Whether you just need to install it on a couple machines...
Enterprise Ransomware Rewind
...or need to remotely deploy to 10k machines at once
Outsmart hackers.
True protection, just $2 per desktop per month.
Ransomware needs a different response
Here is why


Antivirus does not stop most ransomware
Over 3/4ths of ransomware victims have the latest antivirus protection.
Criminals test their ransomware to make sure they are one step ahead of security tools looking for malware.


You have to respond fast. Millisecond fast.
One infection can encrypt hundreds of files per second, and normally attackers run many infections all at once!
Even if a security tool or administrators stop the running ransomware, many important files are left corrupted.


File Corruption is a HUGE problem
You discover your files are being encrypted, usually on many computers and servers at once. You, or your tools, kill the ransomware, leaving a trail of halfway-encrypted, now unrecoverable corrupted files.
We take special care when killing the ransomware with our patent-pending software, so that files are not corrupted.
We are here to help
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Ransomware Prevention
Financial Services
Ransomware Prevention
Automated Attack Prevention & Response
by offensive cyber operations experts
A+ Prevention
Our prevention has incredible success against ransomware encryption, even when other defenses are deceived.
Battle Tested
Many times, we find we are the last security tool operational, saving your business, despite being attacked ourselves.
Think of us like a nuclear-hardened bunker. Protecting you in your most vulnerable moment.
Tailored for Ransomware
We detect ransomware faster, better, and more safely than any other tool on the market. Our novel crypto-analytic engine produces phenomenal results. Just ask the criminals that call us angry.
Automated Protection
Schedule automatic ransomware response for all the time, or only when you are away.
Defend in Milliseconds
Milliseconds matter. Our downtime prevention gives you the luxury of time. Time to react. Time for your employee to finish the day. Time to remotely repair infected machines after hours.
Respond on the Go
Notifications when you need them, where you need them. At millisecond response times, that means notifications that we took care of an issue, and froze the attacker in place.

Wasted Locker Ransomware Protection

Prevent The Latest Ransomware

IT Services Company
This was one of the easiest installation processes I've had for an advanced security tool. It does not consume many resources, and requires very little configuration.
Real Estate Industry
Chief Operating Officer
I don't claim to understand what they do, or how they do it, but it only takes a few minutes of Dennis' time to realize he knows what he's talking about. The proof is in the pudding.
Outsmart hackers.
True protection, just $2 per desktop per month.