Ransomware Rewind Post-Attack Decryptors
Save 40% Or More In Recovery Costs
Easy To Use
You shouldn't have to be a tech expert to decrypt. Let us handle the advanced math. We're former NSA; it is what we do.
Business Friendly Features
We know what you need during your disaster recovery process, and we've already included the functionality you need.
Lighting Fast
Hacker decryptors are slow. Like waiting-a-week-to-decrypt slow. You don't have a week. We are 5000% faster or...even faster...than the hacker decryptors.
Error free
Hacker decryptors are REALLY buggy. Buggy means corrupting your file - then you are stuck. Our decryptors use the same careful coding your bank uses.
Our decryptors run on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Why? You need the flexibility to decrypt all data, no matter where it is, and do so safely away from your operations.
90 Days Help
We know recovery takes time. Focus on your business crisis at hand. We include 90 days free platinum support with every decryptor. We're here for you. (Unlike the hacker.)
You’ve paid for the keys. Now recover more files, faster.
40% faster return to business. 99% file recovery success rate.
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Secure From Start to End
Security is in our blood. We meet or exceed compliance measures such as HIPAA and PCI with our software, starting with 2 factor login.
Decrypt On Your Schedule
Track decryption progress with ease. Need to pause decryption halfway through? No problem! We will safely wind down our fast decryption so that no files become corrupted.
Healthcare Organization
Infected Decryptor Fixed
We paid for a decryptor, but the hackers tried to give us malware inside their decryptor. Fortunately, even though we didn't have the original ransomware, the team was able to figure out the encryption formula, and produce the decryptor I needed within a couple days.
Mortgage Processing Organization
Fast Custom Release
Cyber Crucible's standalone decryptor allowed me to decrypt millions of files over a couple days. They even released a custom version within 24 hours, because the hackers made a mistake in their encryption. They saved my business.
Recover what's yours. Now.
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