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Ransomware Rewind
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Process Injection/Takeover...aka, "My Sharepoint server is now the ransomware.

Conference Replay - CPE Credits Qualifying

Practical Advise for Security and IT Admins on Java Ransomware, and Ransomware File Corruption

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Ransomware File Corruption: Who causes it - the attacker, IT, or security?

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Java Based Ransomware: Surprising Operational Benefits and Challenges for Offense and Defense!

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Straight Answers to Some Difficult Questions from an Experienced Consultant

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Cyber Insurance Primer for 2021

WEBINAR - CPE Credits Qualifying

How to Reverse Engineer Ransomware Protocols - Advanced Studies

WEBINAR - Coming in February!

The last 3 victims use the same security tools I do, and my SIEM looks busy. How do I explain this to my boss?

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Wasted Locker Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Protection

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Death Hidden Tear Ransomware Decryption

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Quick Dive into Ransomware

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